Battling Hunger in the Horn of Africa

A humanitarian crisis has slowly unfolded in the Horn of Africa. Drought, conflict and rising food prices have affected more than 13 million people in the region. On 20 July, famine conditions were declared in several southern regions of Somalia. The Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) forecasts that famine conditions will spread if humanitarian assistance does not increase. In response, WFP is planning to feed over 11.5 million people, including 3.7 million people in Somalia, 3.7 million in Ethiopia, and 2.7 million in Kenya.

Restricted aid access:

There is a problem because access to some vital areas is restricted to humanitarian aid organizations, including the places where the people are most in need of assistance.

Children Emergency Relief Coordinator Dietmar Roller at the Ethiopian-Somali border. Every day there are lines of children and their families that are up to 200 kilometers long, moving into the overcrowded refugee camps in Dolo Ado.

Operational efficiency:

The figure projected by WFP of USD $0.50 per person per day is based on the average combined daily costs of World Food Programme’s operations within Somalia, Ethiopia, & Kenya, as well as the number of people reached by those efforts.

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