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One Response to “Contact”
  1. kim, Taeil says:

    I am happy to contact you. I am a professor of architecture at Jeju National University in Korea. Currently, Seoul City Hall is promoting the construction of a building museum. It is a facility to promote the publicness of architecture to the public, operated as a public facility and a nonprofit.
    I am in charge of planning the detail exhibition together with the general planner. One of the exhibition programs is the public participation of architects. In addition, detailed programs are being introduced to introduce relief housing and exhibitions of a real sized relief housing.
    I am very interested in your organization’s relief housing, “Portable Emergency Shelter”. If possible, we would like to introduce “Portable Emergency Shelter” to the exhibition program. In consultation with Japanese architects, we decided to dismantle the wooden relief houses, transfer them to Korea, and reinstall them. And we are in contact with his architectural design office for the exhibition of the relief houses designed by Shigeru Ban of Japan.
    I would like to inquire about the following matters related to your tentative exhibition.
    1) Can I get “Portable Emergency Shelter”? If possible, How much does it cost?
    2)Can you provideFor our exhibition materials such as related photos at the time of the disaster that was applied at the relief site?
    3)Can you provide “Portable Emergency Shelter” assembly drawings for our exhibition?
    It is hoped that “Portable Emergency Shelter” will be displayed at the Museum of Architecture in Seoul City, making it a good opportunity for many citizens to understand the importance of relief housing. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

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