Recovering Tohoku

After the Tohoku Kanto great earthquake (on March 11, 2011, at 2:46 pm local time), a magnitude 9.0 earthquake (7 shindo on the japanese scale) occurred off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture in Japan. It was followed by a huge tsunami. This earthquake is the strongest ever recorded in japan, and the fourth largest recorded in history. One month after this disaster, there are 13,116 confirmed dead, 14,377 more people who are missing, and 147,536 displaced people living in evacuation centers. Liz started this site to keep track of news and other information related to the response and recovery from this disaster, especially housing, temporary housing, livelihood recovery, recovery policy and as much on the ground information as possible.

Liz is a phd student of architecture at Kobe University, he is from the U.S.A., most recently Seattle, where he did his masters. Liz is also a part time researcher in an organization for disaster recovery knowledge management in Kobe.

Liz is researching disaster recovery, community-based recovery and housing recovery post-disaster. Before the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, his research focused on partnerships between universities and communities during recovery and rebuilding phases, in several countries.

Source: recovering tohoku

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