Mobile Multifunctional Module Magellan

Different types of facade panels gives opportunity to create different buildings.

Module Magellan is designed to provide homes for people in a disaster zones. There are two modules. One is: 3200 mm (length) 3000 mm (height) 3000 mm (wide). The second is: 6000 mm (length) 3000 mm (height) 3000 mm (wide). All modules can be transported by helicopter or truck. Side panels open and create a cross in the plan. Then the facade panels can be attached. This module can be easily connected to create large structures. It can be turned into a hospital, cafe, administrative building, etc. Facade panels, transforming box rooms and transforming teraces are transported inside empty modules.



A standard module is empty in order to create open spaces by connecting one to another module.  Any equipment such as kitchen, wc, bath, showers, storage rooms, energy equipment, fridges, etc. can be put inside. Modules can be equipped with solar panels, wind turbines, water heating, water filters, diesel generators, biogas systems, water tanks and atmospheric water generators. All modules have four steel columns, each 2500 mm. They allow the modules to be placed on uneven terrain, such as a 450 slope. Modules can be placed on top of each other to create a three story building.

The module is multifunctional because different types of equipment can be put into it. A transformative pier can even be created.

Stages of transformation and module structure. Side panels open and create a cross in the plan. That gives the opportunity to connect modules. Then the facade panels can be attached. Module structure is a steel frame with sandwich-structured composite panels. The module is very lightweight. All the equipment inside of the module is removable.



Volodymir Domaretskii


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