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About design4disaster:

design4disaster connects designers, philanthropists, citizens and corporations in an effort to create a better and more sustainable world.

design4disaster functions as a source of information, and a communications platform, it inspires the exchange knowledge, experience, ideas, creativity, designs and projects. design4disaster showcases designs that develop sustainable infrastructure and methodology to better guard against crisis.


Our mission:

It is design4disaster’s mission to offer creative design solutions and developments that contribute to the prevention, relief and recovery from the effects of disasters, designs that ensure we are better prepared for disaster, that we have stronger infrastructure, more developed methods to avoid damage, less suffering post-crisis and fewer death tolls.


Our heritage:

Design4disaster was developed by Econcept and Ecosense during a time where both natural and inevitable and man-made and preventable disasters occur. Both companies strive to, support companies, consumers and other organizations on their path to a more sustainable, future-oriented way of producing, consuming and thinking, i.e., sustainable development.

Learn more about Econcept & Ecosense.


We are constantly looking for new projects and invite all users to share ideas, designs, concepts and projects that should exist on the design4disaster platform. We encourage you to submit ideas via our Contact & Submit page.


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Do you like what design4disaster stands for? If so, you should consider supporting our cause.
Running a web site that strives to produce daily content can be time-consuming and expensive, and although we are committed to our cause, we are championing it with a very tight budget.

If you are a corporation, company or individual that wants to see the spread of creative ideas that combat disaster, you might like to help support us. Please consider donating, advertising with us exploring sponsorship opportunities.


Advertising with Design for Disaster

These days, web advertising is extremely successful in securing new customers and producing quantifiable results. Our readers are passionate philanthropists, designers, entrepreneurs and citizens looking for services, products and materials regarding disaster management and design for disaster, they are already interested in any advertising that features relevant products or services.

design4disaster sells static banner advertising that is simple, yet effective. However, we are interested in establishing creative, mutually beneficial brand partnerships. We will run design contests and we are always looking for ways to work collaboratively with our sponsors, advertisers and readers.


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The design4disaster team.

One Response to “Who we are”
  1. Rajit Nair says:

    Hello The Design4disaster team,

    Am Prof. Rajit Nair, Director @ Rajadhani Business School, Trivandrum. Kerala. Every year we conduct an Innovation Day on 5th October to commemorate the death anniversary of Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple Inc.

    One of the flagship programs in our Innovation day is the Big Idea Challenge, in which undergraduates and postgraduate students present innovative ideas.

    As Kerala, the southern state in India, faced with the biggest floods in 100 years. In view of the natural disaster we made ReBuilding Kerala as the theme for our Big Idea Challenge competition.

    I write this to seek whether we could collaborate with your team in this event. If yes, we will direct students to register and submit their ideas on this website.

    Please mail your thoughts!

    Keep the good work flowing!

    Thank you!

    Rajit Nair

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