The SafetyNet is a new trawling system that could help cut down on the catch and subsequent discarding of juvenile and endangered fish. By exploiting fish behavioral habits and physiology the trawl separates different species and ages of fish.

The goal is to use SafetyNet devices in conjunction with legislation to help tackle the issues of bycatch and discarding.

The SafetyNet Escape Rings have been selected by Sir James Dyson as the winner of the GLOBAL JAMES DYSON AWARD 2012.

Environmental Benefits:

  • Reduction of by-catch and discards
  • Far more efficient fishing – more sustainable
  • Less damage to the seabed
  • Less fuel burned so less CO2 emissions
  • Rings use minimal energy
Economic Benefits:
  • Retrofittable rings fit onto existing equipment
  • Government subsidies offer incentive for use
  • Less fuel burned means less cost for crews
Social Benefits:
  • More efficient fishing means more retention of fishing as less boats are decommissioned
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