The Watercone is a simple low-tech device for condensing potable water by the use of solar energy.

The product consists of a transparent plastic cone, which produces a greenhouse effect. This float-able cone is either set onto still water, wet ground, the ocean or on the river, water is poured into a black pan, which is placed underneath the cone.

Any water, brackish, dirty or salty, can be used. The water condensing into drops on the walls of the cone trickles down along its sides into a broad rim along the inner bottom edge of the cone, where it is collected. The water keeps condensing in the night, a period of 24 hours is the ideal amount of time before emptying the cone. Emptying the cone is done by opening the cap by an opening on the tip of the cone and turning it upside down to pour the water into a vessel. One cone can produce 1,5 liters of potable water in 24 hours.

The material of the cone consists of polycarbonate which is UV-resistant, long-lasting (daily use for five years), non-toxic, non-flammable and 100% recycable.
The size of the cone is limited by the production technology of vacuum-forming, needing to be ergonomically correct and transportable, and the need to fit onto Europallets. The cones have a base of 60-80 cm in diameter and a height of 30 to 50 cm.

The product has been tested in a seaside village in Jemen in cooperation with Care. The final conclusion resulted in confirming that the principle functioned and that people accepted the idea. The conclusion did recommend further testing on a larger scale, in more communities and for a longer period of time.

Aquacone uses the same concept of a transparent cone serving as a water distiller with the energy of the sun, but in a different materialization. The cone consists of a PU film with an integrated support tube, which can be rolled up, it is lightweight and easily transported. Dropped in warm water, the device inflates itself. A water collection point runs along the bottom edge.

The bottom of the device consists of a black colored evaporate wick which is to be soaked in water, The black color and the extended surface of the wick enhance evaporation. The wick is insulated against the cold of the source water by an inflatable layer. The water collected can be drained through a valve at the bottom rim, the cone doesn’t need to be turned.

The cone’s application isn’t limited to developing countries, it can also be used in equipment for a life boat, or in the outdoor sector.

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