Portable Solar Cooker

The Solar Cooker utilizes solar heat directly to cook foods. Cheng-Tsung has developed the cooker, which looks like a satellite dish, that can harness heat and light from the sun to bake foods in a matter of minutes.

Solar Cooker for D.A. IDA 60sec from Feng,Cheng-Tsung on Vimeo.

The National Taiwan University of Science & Technology researcher has specially designed the solar cooker to address emergency situations. The cooker can be set up in refugee camps to prepare foods right away. It can be assembled quite easily and its operation is simple.

The Solar Cooker’s mirror metal paraboloid modulates sunlight and heat coming down vertically to the focus. The pots, which are specially set up on the focus, absorb solar power to heat up the foods inside them. Solar energy is the most abundant power available across the world. Hence, the Solar Cooker is a great invention since thousands of people can get its support especially in time of emergencies. Check out the video below to know more about the Solar Cooker.

1. Sun positioning pointer: When the cooker faces the sun correctly, the pointer will have no shadow.
2. Reflector: Metal mirror paraboloid reflects sunlight to the focus.
3. Steel cup: Simple pots.
4. Pot bracket: Supports the pots on the focus of the paraboloid.
5. Components storage space: Space for the components package behind the solar cooker.
6. Angle adjusting foot: The adjustable foot to adjust the direction which the solar cooker is facing.

Via: Ecofriend

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  1. That is a beautiful design and if it ever gets commercialized we would like to resell it on our website.

    Ryan @ Portable Solar Power

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    Dear Sir or Madam,

    We have have a social enterprises and working in the field of alternatives towards ecologically sensitive life.

    Can you send some information about your solar cookers? we are interested in distribution of the same in India.

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