Light and water from the sun

The Hydroleaf is an excellent design that is a bus shelter, street light, rain catchment system – and water dispenser. Conceived by Iranian Industrial Design student Mostafa Bonakdar the Hydroleaf is intended to be used in developing arid regions.

The principle of the concept is as sound as it is practical. Solar-powered area lighting has been around for years, so why not use photovoltaic panels as a small canopy that powers LED lights below to light up the space at night.

The solar panel canopy also collects rain water like a leaf and gathers it in a tank embedded in the pole. A filter cleans the water and offers it in a dispenser at the base of the pole. There is a little red and blue button at the dispenser, so perhaps you can make some hot tea while you wait for the next bus (how the water is heated is, of course, another question). The design is certainly unique and is scalable to boot — larger versions could provide supplemental shelter, lighting and drinking water for towns and perhaps even cities.

By ecofriend

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