Tentsile – shelter in the sky

Tentsile is a shelter designed to overcome common obstacles in the environment. Tentsile is a tent that uses tension to become suspended above any surface; thus avoiding flooded areas, rough, rocky or unstable terrain, cold or wet ground, earth tremors and wildlife. The design provides shelter in a variety of circumstances. It could be used as a low-cost option for shelter during disaster relief or in humanitarian efforts.

Tentsile is lightweight and collapsible. The design strives to minimize material use. It has the comfort of a hammock and the functionality of a traditional tent. The frame of the tent employs tension from three anchor points, thus claiming to provide stability and comfort. The fabric of the tent is made of fire-retardant, UV- and water-resistant polyester and webbing straps.

Tentsile leaves little trace behind. Since it lives off-ground, no brush or wildlife needs to be cleared for the campsite. A rope ladder is used to enter the structure and protects against unwanted intruders.

Currently, Tensile is available in three sizes: 2 man, 3-4 man and 5-8 man. A larger size is in development as is a tension frame that will allow the tent to be erected in any environment (without the use of anchor points).

Update: Tentsile 2 is now in development. Tentsile 2 has the same attributes as the original design, however, this version can also be set up on the ground and is sold at a more affordable price. 100 units of Tentsile 2, the beta version, will be released through Tentsile’s new crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo. The recipients of the beta design will be invited to participate in a feedback session. The final design will be ready for release in Spring 2013.

Visit the crowd-funding campaign.

Watch the campaign video:

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