Shelter Centre

Shelter Centre is a non-governmental organization registered in Switzerland that supports the sector of humanitarian operations that responds to the transitional settlement and reconstruction needs of populations affected by conflicts and natural disasters, from the emergency phase until durable solutions are reached.

The activities of Shelter Centre

The 2006 – 2011 programme supports the humanitarian shelter sector and the transitional settlement of those affected by conflict and natural disasters. The programme is funded by the DFID Conflict and Humanitarian Fund (CHF).

Shelter Meeting is the twice-yearly sector forum organized and run by Shelter Centre. The products and services described below are based upon requirements defined by participants of the Shelter Meeting. The secretariat of the peer review panel is a Shelter Centre member. Participant organizations include national government line ministries, NGOs, IOs, UN bodies and donors. Agenda and presentations from previous Meetings are available for viewing in the Shelter Meeting section of Shelter Centre’s web site.

Shelter Library brings together key sector publications into one place.

Shelter Training is technical training which aims to improve technical capabilities in the shelter sector through offering standard, modular and basic training in support of transitional settlement and reconstruction operations.

Shelter Community is an online global community and communications tool that links shelter sector professionals. Users can search for and contact other members and organizations, providing an opportunity to network, collaborate, share expertise and experiences and promote best practices.

Shelter Interns programme aims to increase the number of appropriate first mission candidates available to the humanitarian shelter sector, as well as to increase capacity within Shelter Centre to support the sector.

Shelter Funding provides funding for collaborative projects supporting the shelter sector. Participant organizations of the Shelter Meeting with ideas or proposals for projects should email Shelter Centre and DFID welcome additions to the Fund from other donors.

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