A mobile-device software to help improve health-care accessibility

One of the largest problems facing the developing world is a lack of trained physicians. Sana offers open-source data collection and collaboration platforms for clinical research and best practice health care delivery for under-served rural populations.

Sana believes that with local leadership and commitment, ripples of innovation can be aggregated into waves of sustainable change. By revolutionizing healthcare delivery in remote areas, through innovative mobile information services, Sana improves patient access to medical specialists for faster, higher quality and more cost-effective diagnosis and intervention.

The software provides assessment of medical illnesses and decision support for medical personnel. The software allows patient data and images to be saved to a phone and uploaded to an electronic medical record. However, the team realized that technology alone cannot solve the healthcare crisis in developing countries, so they supplemented the open-source software with an educational course hosted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The course is available on their website to all who share the goal of learning ways to improve healthcare systems and policies.

Sana revolutionizes healthcare delivery in remote areas through innovative mobile information services that improve patient access to medical specialists for faster, higher quality and more cost effective diagnosis and intervention.


Designed by Dr. Leo Celi, Katherine Kuan, John Blackeney and R.J. Ryan (United States of America), 2009


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