Sony protects forests in Sumatra

The technology giant, Sony, is working to protect the forests in Sumatra. In 2011, Sony began preservation efforts on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, with the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) Japan. The forests, full of rich biological diversity, have shrunk drastically. Now, radical action must be taken to save the wildlife.

Recently, Sony launched an e-book store project, adding to its preservation efforts. The project is called, “Read Books and Protect Forests”. With this new effort, Sony will donate a portion of the sales from its e-book reader store to the preservation project in Sumatra.

The funds raised will support Sony’s ongoing campaigns such as tree-planting projects in the area, efforts to ensure sustainable co-habitation between the animals and people living in the area and is donating items such as cameras and lap tops to increase awareness and equip people with the knowledge to work toward preservation.

The goal is to plant about 5,000 trees during the project’s first fiscal year.

The e-book store also supports the project by offering more environmentally-friendly reads and posting reviews from WWF Japan staff.

Get involved in the effort by purchasing Sony’s e-books or visit the Sony web site for more detailed information. (link below)

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