Track Deforestation on Google Maps

Global Forest Watch (GFW) is a dynamic online forest monitoring and alert system that empowers people everywhere to better manage forests. For the first time, Global Forest Watch unites satellite technology, open data, and crowdsourcing to guarantee access to timely and reliable information about forests. GFW is free and follows an open data approach in putting decision-relevant information in the hands of governments, companies, NGOs, and the public.

GFW is supported by a diverse partnership of organizations that contribute data, technical capabilities, funding, and expertise. The partnership is convened by the World Resources Institute.

Bosawas Biosphere Reserve Endangered By Illegal Loggers (Submitted by James Anderson)

The Bosawas Biosphere Reserve in northern Nicaragua, covering two million hectares of rainforest, is designated as a UNESCO biosphere and has been described as a “global biological treasure.”€ It overlaps with the homeland of indigenous communities with customary rights to live inside the p…


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