Über Shelter

This shelter is very compact and can be transported very quickly and reassembled with ease. The shelter offers victims individual living space. Also, the Über shelter is made from recyclable and reusable materials. Up to three personal rooms can be created in the shelter.

The shelter is designed in a way that all components that create the modular living unit are stored inside in the unit itself when collapsed. The unit can be dismantled, packed flat again, and moved to the next disaster area. The aim has been to design a shelter that is compatible with the current system used in refugee camps and emergencies by organizations such as the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).

Text from designer :
My goal is to create more than an emergency shelter. This project is a shelter solution that meets the needs of emergency response but also provides victims with a more personal place to live; a base unit that can serve as a very basic shelter but can also have the capabilities to upgrade and implement modern infrastructure. This shelter is also stackable. Many alternative housing solutions deal with small scale but can’t cope with large scale displaced populations. There are five points that have been the focus during the design of this shelter. The shelter must be:

  1. Easily transportable, collapsible and able to be shipped flat.
  2. Built of recyclable materials and have the ability to be reused.
  3. Easy to erect and assembled with few or no tools.
  4. Amenable to infrastructure? Can be used as a basic structure, but have the capabilities to upgrade and implement modern conveniences.
  5. Stackable

More Info: Designer Rafael Smith on Tuvie

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