Self-Sufficient Shelter in 5 Minutes

The Unthinkable: Who survives when disaster strikes – and why. The Daiwa Lease, a giant in the construction industry of Japan, has presented EDV-01: a module housing for natural disasters that seems to come out of a science fiction movie. The prefabricated units are carried via helicopter or truck and their setup takes just five minutes. The project is innovative; once activated the EDV-01 (Disaster Emergency Vehicle) is completely autonomous for at least one month: the electricity needed is produced by solar panels on the roof, the gas (hydrogen) through a system of electrolysis, water is condensed from the air (the production is about 20 liters per day), the toilet does not require water and connectivity is provided via a satellite link.

The project was designed by the Japanese Yasutaka Yoshimura, known for his publications on housing systems furniture such as, the ex-Container “(published by Graphic-sha).


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