Blue Freedom – Providing reliable first aid electricity from hydropower

Electrical power supply is among the first critically important services in disaster areas. Especially natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes or floodings lead to a destruction of the installed power grid and portable electricity becomes indispensable.

One innovative solution is Blue Freedom Portable, a lightweight hydropower generator with 5W output capacity.

With a weight of 690g and an outer diameter of 22cm Blue Freedom Portable fits into any backpack. Its two Speed USB Ports (1.5A) allow charging any electronic device that comes with a USB charging cable. GPS devices, radio sets and basic first aid tools can thus reliably function anytime. Blue Freedom Portable comes with integrated bright LED lights enabling its user to generate power 24/7. As soon as the rotor starts turning in water electricity production and storage in the 5.000 mAh capacity battery begin. The especially designed rotor blades enable a very high degree of efficiency and quick charging. The housing contains all technical components in a space efficient fashion and protects them from damage. Portable is a great tool for rescuer teams on first aid missions.

German technology developer Blue Freedom GmbH will moreover be offering a larger version of Portable by the end of 2017: Blue Freedom Flexible. With a nominal power of 250 – 500 W it is a movable provider of electricity for hospitals, homes, food stores schools and other vital services. It’s functioning is similar to Portable’s: Both come with a rotor driven by the flow of water that is connected to the generator by a shaft. They are thus very simple to install and dismantle and can be handled by anyone.

Blue Freedom has won the Next Economy Award 2015, the WECONOMY Award 2015, the German Energy Award 2015 and the German Design Award 2016.

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