MSF – Médecins sans Frontièrs

Doctors without borders have developed an efficient logistics system, enabling them to deliver medical goods to disaster areas anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

As soon as a disaster is reported, a team of a logistical people and a doctor head out to evaluate the situation. Medical goods are already packaged into fixed emergency kits, e.g., one consisting of medication, bandages, hygiene material and appliances, weighing 830 kg, costing 5.500 €, packed in 24 boxes, lasts for 10.000 people for 3 months. Other kits, e.g., a Cholera kit, can be added.

The essential point in this service is the storage of these medical kits within the airport where they already have been passed through customs, so that they can be flown out immediately in the case of an emergency. From logistic centres in Bordeaux, Belgium, Nairobi and Costa Rica, the packages can reach anywhere within a short amount of time.

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