Solar and Wind Power Water Purification and Desalination System

Swiss-based company TRUNZ WATER SYSTEMS has developed and manufactures and distributes a sustainable and cost-effective solution for water purification and desalination: a complete and ready-to-operate unit which is mobile and independent – thanks to renewable energy.

Solar and wind-powered water treatment and desalination systems

Trunz’s innovative and environmentally friendly technology produces clean drinking water from polluted water and saltwater using solar and / or wind energy. An ultrafiltration membrane or a reverse osmosis system (for sea or brackish water) removes all virus and bacteria (and salts) without the requirement of toxic chemical treatment.

Compact and mobile water purification systems

The Trunz Water Systems are compact, mobile and work without ongoing fuel costs. If necessary, the units can be mounted on a trailer or four-wheel-drive and easily relocated. The systems are complete with a borehole pump, solar racks and a wind generator, and they are ready for installation. All of the Trunz Water Systems require minimal maintenance. They are equipped with an automatic back-flushing system to keep maintenance and service costs as low as possible. The potential capacity depends on the raw water quality and ranges from 7,000 to 24.000l a day. Additionally, the company provides engineering and manufacturing of tailor-made, containerized solutions for higher capacities.


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