hangar and administrative buildings

Module Armadillo is designed to produce large buildings such as, hangar and administrative buildings in disaster zones. The module consists of a frame, screw files foundation and lightweight facade panels. The dimensions of the building depend on the frame. The options are widths of 9000mm, 12000mm or 15000mm. Length depends on the amount of sections in the frame from 15000mm to 60000mm. Height ranges from 3000mm up to 4500mm. This structure can be suitable for such buildings as: hospitals, hangars, warehouses, communication centres, schools, offices, pavillions and any large buildings. Installation is simple. It begins with piles that are screwed into soil. Above all sections with screw piles are tracks. Frame is installed on track. It is transformed by elongation along tracks. After that gates and lightweight facade panels are installed. In the end a module with water and energy supply is connected. This structure is compatible with shipping containers.

Designer: Volodymir Domaretskii

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