Red Cross Alert App

The Red Cross just released its second emergency alert app. This new app focuses on hurricanes. In using the app, people can access local and up-to-date information about what to do before, during and after a hurricane. The previously released and first app from the Red Cross was on the topic of first aid.

The hurricane app is for use on both iPhone and Android platforms. Users can also set up and monitor personalized weather alerts for their own areas or for those of loved ones.The technology features: an ‘I’m safe’ button to alter family members of one’s safety, weather alters that can be shared on social networks, monitoring of personalized weather alerts, locations of open Red Cross shelters, steps to emergency plans, toolkit with flashlight, alarm and strobelight and interactive quizzes.

Jack McMaster, president, Preparedness and Health and Safety Services at the American Red Cross speaks about the app:

“This free Hurricane App puts personalized preparedness information in the pockets and purses of those who need it. We’re especially proud of the app’s social features that will help friends and families stay in touch during storms, reducing much of the fear and uncertainly for loved ones and property owners far away.”

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