Walk, run or bike to clean power

The nPOWER PEG harvests kinetic energy from motion such as walking, running or biking. It then uses this energy to charge hand-held electronic devices.

The project is currently looking for funding on Indiegogo. The goal is to deliver 100 generators to high-risk areas that are off-the-grid, but that use mobile devices. “Over half a billion mobile phone users worldwide live completely off the grid, and another three-quarters of a billion people struggle to find reliable electricity,” Indiegogo. By delivering these generators, people will be able to report in real-time events and crisis. These events will then be mapped, and emergency responders can follow the maps to deliver aid in the most effective way.

Tremont Electric and Crisismappers.net have partnered to identify the areas most in need, they will work to deliver the generator to these areas. Currently identified areas of concern include, Sudan, Haiti, Uganda and Darfur.

If the funding from Indeigogo exceeds the request, the developers plan to extend their efforts and help as many people as they can.

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