IgluVillage is an emergency housing and mobile accommodation system suitable for cold climates, fabricated out of solid polysterol foam.

The accommodation units can be used both for providing housing in the event of a disaster, and for other applications, e.g., a field laboratory.

Single elements are fabricated out of closed cell polysterol foam and are stuck together to construct a shelter unit. The foam has excellent insulation properties which makes the shelter suitable for cold climate and winter implementation. It is also wind, water and dust-proof. The pieces are stuck together with pin joints and fastened by huge stretch belts that are wound around the completely built cabin. No tools are needed for construction. The composition is variable, the smallest one of 41 pieces is round and covers 13m2, larger ones take the shape of a tunnel. The complete space offers enough height for standing upright. Windows and doors are integrated. Additional elements such as toilets, solar lamps, shelves etc., are available.

Logistically, the shelter system performs well considering the low weight of the foam, but rather is voluminous regarding the stiff hard properties of the foam.

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  1. Weck says:

    The IGLU Village TEMPHO housingsystem is earthquake stable,

    An IGLU protects from heat, in warm regions, and is suitable in cold regions.

    If needed the the TEMPHO-house is floating.


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