CDRN – an efficient way to give aid

The Corporate Disaster Resource Network is a supply chain management system that gives access to information, services and products that emergency humanitarian aid groups need.

The mission of CDRN is, “Facilitating an efficient real time supply chain management system for effective deployment of resources – financial, material, volunteers and skilled professionals for preparedness, response and rehabilitation for times of emergencies,”

Relief agencies and local governments can input into the network, what supplies, aid and services that they need for relief efforts. Then, those that have these resources can respond and enable the products, services and aid to reach the population in need. This system alleviates logistical challenges and limitations in delivering humanitarian aid.

The homepage of CDRN’s web site features a constantly updating list of needs, volunteer needs and offers.

The network is operating in India, a place frequently affected by disaster and without the means to cope with these crisis. The network strives to connect local citizens with the tools, financial assistance, products and human aid that they need.

This strong model for connecting those in need with those who can help could be replicated in many other areas with great results.

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