Below are two designs for tools that aid in recovery and repair efforts during the aftermath of disaster:

The Multi-Purpose Disaster Tool

The Multi-Purpose Disaster Tool, designed by Tamir Niv, is designed to be used during the recovery and repair phases of disaster. The tool serves many functions. By changing the angle of the head of the tool, its function is effectively changed. The tool can be used as a sledge hammer, hoe, crow bar, hook, wire cutter and nail puller.


Moses, designed by Tammie Gourevitch, is made for use during the after-math of earthquakes. During this phase of a disaster, water us often in short supply. However, it is likely in many areas that in tact water tanks sit buried within the rubble. Many tanks can be found, unharmed, that house around 100 liters of clean drinking water. Moses is a tool that pierces the tank, allowing access to the pure water. This tool can provide access to water to many people that would otherwise not have it in the event of disaster.

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