Second Aid Toolkits

During the “Sustainable Design Week“, focused on the subject of, “Design for Disaster“, in 2005 at the “Design Academy Eindhoven”, the Netherlands, a primary question was, “How can victims reorganize their lives after surviving a disaster?”

Depending on the aid given by relief agencies containing basic needed to survive, it is often the case that refugees loose their sense of independence and self-sufficiency. In order to facilitate those displaced taking responsibility and regaining their independent livelihoods, these start-up-kits can be of help.

The different start-up kits contain the most basic equipment needed to enable an individual to start up a craft or a profession. For example, a comb and scissors would be supplied for a hair-cutter. The different kits are distributed according to previous professional and personal talents. Whether such start-up kits or the practice of professions are enabled within a refugee camp or in a town devastated by disaster but with residents still on place, is dependant on  prevailing circumstances.

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