Earthquake-Proof Table for schools

It is common to teach schoolchildren to take refuge under their desks in the event of an earthquake. However, these structures are not always been designed with the task of protection in mind. The Earthquake-Proof Table is specially designed to function both as a normal school desk and as protective shelter during an earthquake.

The Earthquake-Proof Table provides protection during a collapse and creates passageways for escape or rescue. The table is lightweight and made from inexpensive materials.

Most schools are not built to withstand an earthquake. The Earthquake-Proof Table provides a solution for protection without accruing the cost of earthquake-proofing an entire building.

This simple and effective design has the potential to save millions of lives from earthquake and collapse.

The patent pending design has sustained many tests and is awaiting final approval from the Structural Engineering Program of Padua University, Italy.

Designer: The Earthquake Table: Arthur Brutter, Ido Bruno, Bezalel Academy Labs R&D, created by students at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem



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