Interactive educational forest centre

This proposal for the ‘terevete interactive educational forest centre’ by Latvian practice sampling is nestled within a strip of trees in Terevete, Latvia. Dedicated to the use of wood and recycled products, the site location gives visitors an intimate experience with the material in its original state. Doubling as an object for research, the displayed information communicates the energy saved with different applications, solutions and building materials.

The zig-zagged footprint organizes the common and private spaces on opposing sides of the plan, integrating exhibition spaces, classrooms and conference facilities. Separate exhibit halls are geared toward each of the four seasons with a uniquely shaped skylight. A cafe, shop and restaurant serve the public while workspaces and information areas are reserved for professionals.

This is a wonderful design to explore natural correlations and is a prerequisite to understand and to estimate natural disaster.



Project info:

Program: exhibition and information centre
Address: Tervete, Latvia
Total area: 5482m2
Client: latvijas valsts meži
Status: open competition proposal

From: designboom

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