Mobile Hospital

A new hospital typology has been designed by the team of Hord Coplan Macht + Spevco that eliminates the need for a standard hospital. In their design, 58 trailers provide a fully operational, fully mobile 48-bed hospital. The trailers include every aspect of a hospital – from waiting gift shops, to surgical suites with four O.R.s, pharmacies and labs. The design is the future of how westernized health care will travel abroad. It is a system that effectively transforms health care for entire regions and countries over time, letting the hospital and care come to the patient.


Different trailers cater to different medical needs. For instance, a single unit trailer (or five-unit suites) would be specifically oriented to one aspect of patient care, such as women’s health, taking the form of a Women’s Health Clinic. This five-unit clinic could be shut down in one location, mobilized, and re-opened in about two-to-three days. Thus, it would serve as an outreach model for major health care systems.

Other trailers may be outfitted for an imaging suite (including resources to perform an MRI, Mammography, CT Scan and X-Ray scanning, with a supporting nurse station and waiting area), a mobile health clinic (for general health care including blood draw stations) and even an emergency suite (complete with two trauma bays with eight urgent care beds and an ambulance bay to expand emergency care services for existing facilities).

Another model is the ‘flagship hospital’, a teaching hospital that is sponsored and supported by a university level teaching hospital, educating the local medical population abroad to provide westernized health care.

The trailer complex has been designed to allow the entire hospital to be disassembled, moved to a new location, and re-opened in a mere two weeks.


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  1. I am working with a group that will be doing some of the financial work behind the establishing of a hospital, a medical laboratory, a med school, and an outreach program using physician’s assistants to reach troubled areas.

    I would like more information on your design, including cost structures, etc.

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