Savior In Deep Waters

Generally, when talking about design for disasters, the focus is on rapid action response systems that help provide relief during disasters. Alternatively, The flat-pack recovery Rescue Boat seen here is not for rapid response but for post-disaster scenarios. The focus is on creating a systematic, reliable vessel that will help recover cargo and victims. It is stored and transported in its stackable 9″-deep form, with pontoon tubes detached; until its services are required.

The pontoon tubes add stability to the design and are attached when the boat is set into water. The sidewalls fold up to become handrails and rotate further to become ladders, to assist stranded persons. Depending upon the nature of retrievals, the boat can either be used as a flat space for cargo or one can pull up the foldable seats and accommodate 26 passengers.

A tent stored in the floor compartment comes in handy as temporary accommodation, when bringing the vessel ashore.

Facts and figures:

L’ x W’ x H’: 14 x 8 x .75 (w/tubes 14 x 8 x 1.75)(w/tent 14 x 8 x 5.75)

Material considerations: heavy-duty biopolymer (or aluminum) for boat body and pontoon tubes, steel sidewalls. Wooden or plastic oars, plastic or aluminum benches, canvas or synthetic tent, rubberized metal tent poles.

Seating capacity: 10 comfortably, 20 full capacity, 26 maximum

Sleeping capacity: 8 comfortably, 14 maximum

Designer: Matthew Spencer




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