Health Light water purifier

Health Light is a solar light water purifier designed by Liu Yun intended to ensure the purity of floodwaters. During rainy seasons many region’s rivers flooded. This floodwater is often contaminated and is the source of deadly diseases such as Hepatitis and dysentery. In fact, rainwater is often a source of drinking water and contamination of drinking water can lead to serious health problems. Floodwater can be contaminated by a host of things such as animal waste, bacteria in the ground and fertilizers.

Health Light uses solar light to detoxify toxic floodwaters. It consists of two parts, one part consists of the LED light, the solar panel, this part also has a handle, which makes it easier to carry. The second part is a long stick-like structure, which has to be immersed in the water after the set up is complete. This contains the power data interface. Health Light not only collects water for analysis, it also purifies the water at the same time. This device can be of special help in areas where medical facilities are not that readily available. It is better to prevent than to cure, by purifying water a host of diseases can be avoided.

Setting up the Health Light is not a complicated task. It is a very compact device that can be easily carried to the desired site. The two parts then have to be assembled and the device has to be placed in the water. The color of the light will change and that will be an indication of the purity level of the water around it. One can monitor the progress of the purification with considerable ease.

Source: yankodesign

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  1. Lawrence says:

    There are many filtration methods in the market but I would prefer the reverse osmosis is the better choice, it has pore hole size up to 0.0001 microns, is the most economical method of removing 90% to 99% of all the contaminants, which produces the cleanest water for drinking.

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