Wind turbine generates clean water too

Wind turbines are generally utilized to generate clean power derived from wind energy. But there is an innovative concept that entails the usage of wind turbines to indirectly supply and purify water in desert conditions. Contrived by energy company Eole Water, this intriguing yet simplistic technology is already being successfully tested in the arid regions of Abu Dhabi. The new technology consists of a wind turbine that helps in condensing water from air. The collected water is pumped into storage tanks for further filtration and finally purification.

Like an air conditioner, the 30 kW capacity wind turbine alone powers the self sustaining system. The process entails the drawing of ‘outside’ air in through vents in the nose cone of the turbine, the heating of this collected air by an internal generator and the conversion into steam. This steam is then passed through a compressor at high pressure to form moisture, which is then condensed and gathered as water. This resultant water is finally passed through steel pipes to storage tanks for further processing.

The beneficial impact is that the contraption can produce around 500 – 800 liters of clean water per day, with minimum wind speeds of 15 miles per hour. Moreover, the designers claim, this output can be increased to 1000 liters with a slightly advanced tower top mechanism.

The wondrous scope of this conscientious design is not limited to desert or arid regions. In fact, the system should also work to its potential in emergency situations, especially in areas adversely affected by natural calamities or even war.

Via Ecofriend

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