C-Water by Chao Gao

The Chinese Engineer Chao Gao has designed the so called “C-Water”, an award-winning experimental desalination product that uses solar power to make drinking water. The C-Water system was a recent entry in Designboom‘s Incheon International Design Awards, where its water purification possibilities drew attention due to its simple distillation technique.

‘C-Water’ is a device that produces freshwater. It evaporates sewage, salt water and other watery objects by the use of heat, which is generated from sunlight. It is applicable to purification of wetlands, beaches, boats, sewage and other places. it has a flexible and compact design. It be used as a deflector of steam, it is space-saving and convenient for transporting and is beneficial for travelers. The aim of ‘C-Water’ is to advocate the value of creating ways to protect the environment at low costs.

Info:  Incheon International Design Awards

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