Solar-Powered Vaccine Refrigerator

True Energy has revealed a solar-powered Vaccine refrigerator, the medicine can keep cool and safe without relying on electricity from the power grid. This refrigerator allows doctors to provide much-needed vaccines to residents in harsh climates and inaccessible areas. In addition, the refrigerator is so efficient that it can hold his temperature for up to ten days in temperatures up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

To keep itself cool the Vaccine Refrigerator uses True Energy’s Sure Chill technology. It can be connected to grid power or can run on solar energy. The Refrigerator also has the ability to store power, it can charge its batteries for long nights when the sun — or a power outlet — isn’t handy. The fridge also has a stabilizing technology that senses the temperature of its surroundings and reacts appropriately to keep the inside temperature stable.

True Energy’s Vaccine Refrigerator can be used to transport vaccines to remote areas in extreme temperatures. The Vaccine Refrigerator is currently being put to use by MERCY Malaysia, a non-profit that provides medicine — especially vaccines — to vulnerable communities around the world.

Information: True Energy

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