Recovery Huts

The Recovery Hut System uses composite shell technology and is divided into four nesting 60lb sections for efficient transport, storage, handling and rapid 30-minute setup by one person. The huts have a translucent roof and are available with up to four insect-proof venting door panels that can be attached to adjacent huts allowing a variety of family clusters and village layouts. Five-foot long extender sections increase the basic hut footprint in 60 square foot increments. A list of optional features includes a heating stove, insulated floor panels, sleeping/cooking platforms, solar fly and more.

The huts serve as disaster sheltering, homes for homeless, refugee and emergency first-responder villages, prison low-risk overflow housing, airport health isolation or detention huts, homeland security holding shelters, farm worker housing, medical first aid/triage, group food service and storage, equipment maintenance/repair/storage and even to replace urban ‘shanty-town’ shacks wherever they occur in the world.

Recovery Huts can be demobilized, pressure washed, spray sanitized, quickly and thoroughly dried and stored indefinitely for immediate and almost permanent redeployment.  When their life is finally over, they can be collected, shredded and recycled into any number of usable products, leaving no environmental trace.

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