MATERIALICA Design Award : Winner Category Student Award

The global trend in population migration from the countryside to the city, together with the increasingly extreme weather conditions caused by global warming, are leading to an increase in situations where large quantities of people will have to be evacuated and looked after in the long-term. Here ShelterHome – a modular, minimal “home” for two people – is setting new standards. Lightweight, it can be erected by two people without any tools. It provides two beds and storage space for personal belongings. It would be very expensive to recycle the ShelterHomes after they have been used for a long period, so it is extremely important that the materials used are sustainable and 100% recyclable.

Submission: Hochschule Rosenheim, Fachbereich Innenarchitektur,
Professor: Prof. James Orrom
Concept: Inha Barsukova, Silvia Blauhorn, Anna Bostrova, Marlies Handlos, Mikko Hannula, Tatiana Kovalenko, Linda Lang, Marina Loraj, Fatma Yenice, Natalie Becker, Nadja Doerfel
Download photo: Shelterhome
Source: MunichExpo Veranstaltungs GmbH

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    please send me more info on the folding homes thank you.

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