Spider Boot

Spider Boot Antipersonnel Mine Foot Protection System

The Spider Boot is a foot protection device for demining activities that is used in combination with conventional demining protection gear.

The protection of the foot is enhanced by lifting the boot up from the ground with a platform, creating distance from the source of the blast. The boot is placed on a platform that stands on four legs, two to the front and two to the rear, all slightly pointed towards the sides. The platform is attached to the boot with straps. The bottom of the platform is protected by a V-shaped steel-container filled with honeycomb aluminum. Blast energy and shrapnel are dispersed, deflected away from the foot and absorbed by the hull.

Landmines are remains of war that pose a danger to civilians for a long time after the conflict has ended. Huge areas of land are devastated, dangerous to walk in, use for agriculture etc., because they are contaminated with mines. Resources for covering detection  are lacking and populations are in need of the land, for passage or for farming. Hence, many individuals are affected by steeping onto a mine and suffering death or mutilation, as often as one every twenty minutes. Countries heavily affected include, Afghanistan, Somalia, Mozambique, Vietnam, Vambodia, and European regions like Kosovo, Bosnia and Croatia.

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