Life Cube

With the occurrences of disasters on the rise in recent years, there needs to be a product that provides a complete response solution in a single, easily deliverable, on-site mobile package. This is where the Life Cube comes in.

The Life Cube is best described as a “multi-platform delivery system.” It begins with our core patent – the shipping container that transforms into a hard-surface, raised flooring platform. Unfolding the container reveals a military-spec inflatable shelter with self-contained power system and inflator. The full unit can be deployed by just one or two persons in 10 minutes.

Once deployed, the 5’ by 5’ cube unfolds into a completed shelter that features 144 square feet of hard surfaced flooring, a 12-foot ceiling, and a canopy material that is weather resistant and MSHA-rated fire retardant. It can withstand 55 mph sustained winds as well as heavy snow loads. The spacious interior can hold 24 people standing or sleep 4 to 8 people.


The final touch to the life Cube is the integrated power system that is trickle charged by solar panels on the roof of the canopy. The power system runs lights, a fan, radio equipment, a cell phone charger, cooking equipment, and is also compatible with larger water and air filtration systems. The versatility of the Life Cube means that it can be pre-installed with different technologies to fit the needs of the end user.


We want the Life Cube to be the go-to first response system for natural and manmade disaster relief. Some applications of the Life Cube include a field medical unit for doctors, temporary housing for displaced families, and a command station for relief workers. Our patents and innovations represent a large step forward for shelter design that will revolutionize how the world responds to large-scale disasters.

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