Additive Manufacturing – Rapid Operator Support System

The “Additive Manufacturing – Rapid Support System” (AM-RS2) is a turn-key, fully integrated/automated, user friendly, deployable system made of a “Fused Deposition Modelling” (FDM) unit, a 3D Scanner unit, a “Human Machine Interface” (HMI) unit and a library of pre-loaded “Pilot Geometries”. The AM-RS2 is intended for delocalised manufacturing, in-theatre next to the point of use and aims to support operators during their daily tasks. The innovation relies in both, the full integration of the system and the pre-loading of “Pilot Geometries” which are firstly ready to be customised based on mission requirements/operators’ needs and secondly redesigned for enhanced performance, modularity, multifunctional, lightweight. The AM – RS2 may be employed for different missions such as

  1. support crisis relief mission through the production of standard plastic medical components and tailored to end-user needs components
  2. tailor smart packaging to reduce the packaging volume and maximise air logistics
  3. rapid prototyping for in-theatre equipment modifications and repairs and
  4. improving performance of Operators through the rapid production of highly tailored, redesigned for enhanced performance, plastic, non-critical components of drones, special tools kit
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