innonatives – how does it work

Watch this video to learn how innonatives – open innovation platform for sustainability – works.

The purpose of the innonatives online platform is to connect people, who have identified sustainability-related problems with those who can creatively solve them. innonatives also helps people organize adequate funding and collaboration to support their sustainability ideas and solutions. Support for sustainability initiatives is generated through access to a large international network including the public, field experts, businesses and organizations. innonatives is also an online market place for sustainable solutions.

Who can participate?

Everyone can get involved with innonatives. We want you to become a Seeker, Solver, Voter, Funder, Trader, Expert, a combination or all of the above.


identifies a sustainability related problem and is in need of a Solution. Seekers become Challenge Owners, if they propose a Challenge that the innonatives platform shall solve and their Challenge is published.


would like to develop or has developed sustainability related Solutions together with a group of other Solvers or individually.


participates in voting for the most relevant Challenges and the best Solutions.


invests or donates money so that the best Solutions can be implemented.


offers or buys sustainable products, services or solutions on the innonatives online marketplace.


consults on the development and implementation of Solutions.

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