Inflatable Refugee Tents

A new refugee tent has been designed by the team at M2B Inflatable in Sofia, Bulgaria.  This refugee tent is inflatable and will offer an affordable, dignified and practical shelter against extreme weather.  The inflatable tent provides immediate emergency housing solutions and adapts to any disaster area.

The inflated walls of the tent will offer insulation against the cold and heat and the flooring makes the tent completely water-proof.  The floor can be removed for easy cleaning outside the tent and mounted back again in minutes.  The tent has two big storage shelves for personal possessions. The inflatable refugee tent comes complete with six inflatable mattresses that can be attached to the walls of the tent when not in use.

The material of the tent is PVC tarpaulin that is completely fire-proof, waterproof and lead free. This material is very tough and practical and very difficult to break.  The inflatable refugee tents come packed for easy storage and transportation.  The tents can be inflated in under three minutes therefore offering an immediate shelter solution.  A whole village can be set up in just one day.

When not needed, the tents can be deflated in minutes, rolled up and stored and they do not leave any footprint on the environment.

M2B Inflatable/M2B Gonflable manufacture also emergency hospitals and clinics and communal tents – all custom-made to the clients needs.

Inflatable tents are the most practical shelters for disaster areas.  They can be inflated in minutes thus offering immediate solutions.  They can be used as shelters for homeless people, as makeshift hospitals and clinics to treat the injured, as housing for aid agencies personnel, as kitchens for preparation and distribution of food, as warehouses to store supplies sent in by aid agencies – the uses for the emergency inflatable tents are endless.

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