The Modern Yurk – A Possible Design for Relief Scenarios?

The Scottish company Trakke has redeveloped the nomadic yurt shelter and created the Jero Yurt. The temporary housing innovation is a lightweight dwelling that pops up and was designed to be used for events such as backyard parties or off-grid camping experiences with a modern twist. The Jero’s compact design even allows it to be packed down to fit in a bicycle trailer. Years of research and development were invested to actualise the most recent product, which provides the user with 130 square-feet of living space in a lightweight and easily transportable package.

While the Jero currently sells for £4500, a more budget design could be developed for low income communities or scenarios where short-term off-grid housing is required. Furthermore, the Jero would be a great investment for local governments and AID organizations to keep on hand for use in the wake of natural disasters or housing crises.


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