Architecture and Vision (AV)


‘WarkaWater2’  is a 12m tall structure that produces potable water from the air. It is conceived for communities in rural areas in Ethiopia which lack access to safe drinking water. The name is inspired from the giant Ethiopian fig tree ‘Warka’ traditionally used for public gatherings. The tower weights around 90kg and consists of 5 modules which can be built and assembled by local villagers without the need of scaffolding or electrical equipments. The tower is estimated to collect up to 100 liters of drinking water a day through the special fabric hanging inside. ‘WarkaWater2’ expands the possibility to collect rainwater, dew and fog. The conic shape improves stability and optimizes packaging and transportation. The ‘crown’ is designed to keep the birds away.

Architecture and Vision (AV) is constituted by an international and multidisciplinary team engaged in the development of energetic renewable and environmentally sustainable solutions.

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