empowering people. Award

Low technological solutions or products for basic supply problems in developing and emerging countries – this is what the Siemens Stiftung is looking to identify. The “empowering people. Award” is addressed to individuals, teams, organisations or enterprises fulfilling certain criteria from any region in the world. Solutions entered have to already be in use or a feasibility study of the prototype has to be made available. The aim of the competition is twofold: Firstly, identify winning solutions that can be further advanced with the developer and have them implemented on site.
Secondly, these innovations will be prominently showcased in a central database on the website www.empowering-people-award.siemens-stiftung.org as soon as the competition is closed and the entries have been evaluated. All intellectual properties will remain with the developer/developing team. Siemens Stiftung assumes no liability for keeping the entries confidential.

Submission period closes on 31th January 2013, 12pm (EST)

The platform is an ideal opportunity for all the entrants involved to network and further evolve products and solutions if they so wish. Cooperation development organisations, NGOs and institutions may also approach inventors to further their products.

In order to identify promising inventions, the Siemens Stiftung has a sum of approx. 200,000 EUR for all these valuable contributions.

Categories are: Water & Waste Water, Energy, Food & Agriculture, Food & Agriculture, Healthcare, Housing & Construction, Information & Communication Technology

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