Drought in the US grows worse

The US is currently experiencing the worst nation-wide drought since 1956. Last week, the areas under extreme drought conditions in key agricultural states tripled. Now, close to 2/3rds, that is, 56% of the nation is experiencing drought conditions.This is the worst drought that the country has experienced since 1956, when 58% of the country was experiencing moderate to extreme drought.

Forecasters are predicting that the drought will last for several months. Some areas should experience participation in the next week, with the Upper Great Lakes and the Northeast receiving the most. However, most of the west is predicted to remain dry and experience increasing temperatures. The areas suffering the greatest are, the southern to central Rockies, the central Plains states and the Ohio Valley.

26 states have declared a state of disaster and many are making serious conservation efforts.

One result, is the damage to agriculture. As of June, 38% of corn in the leading corn producing states was in poor condition. Many ranchers are selling cattle so that they do not have to provide the animals with food and water.

Even the Mississippi is experiencing low levels. This could threaten the shipment of goods such as, coal, grain, petroleum and steel.

Climate change can be blamed, in part, for the intensity of the drought. Record-breaking heat combined with below normal precipitation levels and the warmest winter ever recorded in the US with a low amount of snowfall for spring melting for water supply has created an extreme situation.

Everyone is hoping that the situation improves soon. Check design4disaster for continued updates.

Until then, visit The Red Cross for tips on how to survive a drought.

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