BioLite provides warmth and power

There are many things that an individual or a community needs during the aftermath of disaster. Two essential needs are a way to heat water and food and a way to communicate with the outside world.

The BioLite stove offers a way to meet both of these needs. BioLite works as both a stove and an electronic device charger. A container to hold fire lives on one side of the machine, the heat from this fire is converted to energy. The energy powers a device that charges cell phones and other electronic devices. Wood, kindling and matches or a lighter must be collected to start the fire. The charger provides comparable amount of power as an usb port from a laptop.

The BioLite stove will start whipping in July of 2012.

Designer: BioLite

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  1. ghambari says:

    I am Abadullah ghmbari Hamedani. We are the wounded in this war between Iran and Iraq in the wake of the war between Iran and Iraq. (173 people)
    With the aim of helping the affected people (earthquake) in the remote villages of Sarpul-Zahab and Javanrood, we provide free humanitarian assistance in various fields.
    We think that your device (BioLite provides warmth and power) is suitable for people affected by the earthquake. Please send us more detailed information (technical approval, standards, etc.) and, if possible, send 5 samples to Standard Organizations, Crisis Management, Red Crescent, Ministry of Health and more. To take action if you approve the purchase. Of course, this is our normal course of work in Iran.

    Very welcome and wish you more success

    Ebadollah Ghambari Hamedani

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