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Scientists without Borders is a community that collaborates to innovate science and technology solutions that help to solve issues related to global warming. The community consists of, academia, NGOs, government, and the private sector, across a variety of regions, disciplines, and subject matter areas. Solutions are made transparent so that anyone can access them in times of need.

The Scientists without Borders Gallery is a collaboration with NineSigma. The gallery shares certain projects and generates solutions through open source calls.

Image from: Tomorrow is Greener

One example of a project is the challenge, Seeking More Sustainable Packaging for Powdered Nutrient Supplements that Combat Malnutrition seeks design solutions that offer more effective and sustainable packaging and delivery options for micronutrient powders. The packaging should be of a material that is recyclable or that can be repurposed. Or, the design can re-think that current system, making it so that the packets do not have to be distributed individually to millions of people.

The challenge is open until September 30, 2012.

“Up to $25,000 for novel, feasible, and cost-effective sustainable packaging ideas or new methods of delivering micronutrient powders in developing countries. There may be opportunities for the winning solver to work with the partners to further develop the selected idea.”

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