Search and rescue amphibious vehicle “ARGONAUT”

The Argonaut Vehicles are designed to provide the specialized equipment necessary for technical rescue situations such as auto accidents requiring vehicle extrication, building collapses, confined space rescue, rope rescues and swiftwater rescues. The Argonaut helps to rescue people from natural calamities such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes, fires and from any disaster zone with any type of terrain.

The complex of vehicles consists of an amphibious transporter, with a screw vehicle and a hovercraft that are carried on transporter. When the terrain becomes extreme, the screw vehicle or hovercraft can be used. All of the vehicles are hybrid. They can be charged by a wind generator with solar panels. Vehicles can be driven on electricity or diesel engine or both. All equipment is detachable and can be used with the transporter, hovercraft and crew vehicle. All of the vehicles are amphibious so that they can save people from flooded areas.

Modules types: supply (power station with wind generator and solar panels and water cleaning filters and water generators), excavator module, fire engine module, living module, hospital module, ladder module. The transporter has a trunk for a small hovercraft and snowmobile or for specialized necessary equipment and a crane manipulator.

All of the modules can be connected creating a hospital with supply module, houses for people or mobile power station or water filtration station.

Designer: Volodymir Domaretskii

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