Precut Home

California architect Gregg Fleishman‘s portable DH1 Disaster House doesn’t require a single nail to build. Rather, it uses tabs, like a 3-D puzzle, to fit together without the use of fasteners or other hardware. The simple design uses slotted plywood to provide durability and flexibility. Panels arrive pre-cut, and recipients just need to unpack and snap them together to create a 14-foot-square insta-home.

The home’s other big advantage is transportability — small pieces can be transported without cranes, forklifts or other industrial equipment, which are often scarce during disasters.

Originally designed for hurricane relief, the unit sits 30 inches off the ground to avoid water damage in areas that have been flooded. Additional pieces would be needed for extreme weather conditions, such as a stretched piece of tarp or canvas to function as a waterproof skin.

Source: wired

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  1. I am very happy to see this portable home. I think it is the perfect home and made for natural disasters.

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