We’d love to receive tips, sponsorship ideas or any other thoughts or questions. Feel free to contact us! Anyone interested is invited to participate in the creation of content for the web site. Approach is possible both directly or via submit.

Submit a project

Do you have a project, concept, product or design that you would like design for disaster to publish? Feel free to submit works of your own or works from others (design4disaster will simply link to and summarize the product/idea, further spreading awareness of its existence, design4disaster does not take credit for any of the original designs on the site, any extra collaboration will be negotiated between design4disaster and the original designer).

How to submit:

  1. See the form below…
  2. Give us a description (max. 300 words) of your work, and / or your website info. We will link your name to your website.
  3. We need minimal 3 images (.jpg), 800×600 resolution (the bigger the better). Only high quality rendered images will be published.
  4. Wait to see your work on our homepage.

We look forward to hearing from you.
The design4disaster Team


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